Rymdport (formerly wormhole-gui) is a cross-platform application that lets you easily and safely share files, folders, and text between devices. The data is sent securely with end-to-end encryption using the same protocol as magic-wormhole. This means that Rymdport can talk not only to itself, but also to other wormhole clients.

The transfers are implemented using wormhole-william, a native Go implementation of magic-wormhole. As a result, Rymdport compiles into a native binary with no runtime dependencies while also outperforming the reference implementation of magic-wormhole.


Please visit the release page to download the latest release. Pre-built binaries are available for FreeBSD, Linux, macOS (x86-64 and arm64) and Windows (x86-64).

For Linux users, Rymdport is also avaliable as a Flatpak on Flathub:

Download on Flathub

The following distributions also have binary packages available through their respective package managers:

Packaging status

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